Food & Non food

Over the past 70+ years the Team of Martijn Trading has worked diligently to bring together a unique portfolio of strong brand representations, a professional organization and a partnership reputation based on service, performance and trustworthiness. Both in dry and shelf stable products as well as frozen & chilled we have obtained leading positions in categories ranging from pet care, confectionary, beverages and personal & household care to ice cream and frozen vegetables.

Our dedicated commercial teams, each with their own balanced portfolio of brands, headed by experienced managers and consisting of sales & merchandising specialists for the different market segments, have detailed knowledge of their products as well as their clients.

Supported by a strong back office and our own full-fledged logistics, including warehousing and distribution, our commercial teams work the market consistently with a very strict operational schedule. We invite all long term oriented and market committed brand owners to join us to serve our markets and its consumers even better. 

Health & Wellness

As partner of brand owners and healthcare providers we are active in different healthcare segments from hospitals up to nursing homes, pharmacies and home care. We offer a wide range of products like pharmaceuticals, over-the-counter-products and medical devices. Our services go beyond deliveries of medical supplies and pharmaceuticals.

Our teams consist of enthusiastic and dedicated specialists with different types of education and/or working experiences within the healthcare field.

In our Patient Direct Center on Curaçao we welcome patients with questions and prescriptions for specific products, like incontinence products. We are a specialist in the field of continence care whether the patient stays at home or not. In those cases we also work closely with the insurance companies.  

On Aruba we welcome patients in our Health Center with questions about specific medical products. We are also a specialist in the field of custom made wheelchairs and corresponding products. In those cases we work closely with the insurance companies.