About us

Our commercial activities are managed by professional and experienced managers for each of the commercial divisions Foods, Non-Foods and Health Care. They link the products and concepts of our suppliers to our sales & merchandising teams for local execution.

Logistics is operating from our own warehouse location on each island and with the help of strong IT-support, modern equipment and our own fleet of trucks and vans import, store and deliver our products directly to our esteemed clients enabling them to make them available for consumption on a daily basis.

Our administrative, IT and personnel systems operate under the same guidelines and systems on all islands. Reporting is highly standardized and our software platform allows us to freely access and exchange data among the companies.


During the last fifteen years, Martijn Trading positioned and structured itself as a company with regional support functions, offering marketing & distribution solutions to suppliers for all the islands in the Dutch Caribbean. Martijn’s market approach was developed based on the key words: dedication, dynamics, partnership and brands.

Martijn Trading is active in the marketing & distribution of mostly branded consumer and professional products and has operating companies in the three biggest markets in the Dutch Caribbean: Aruba, Curaçao and St. Maarten. From Curaçao, Bonaire is serviced and commercial and technical support is given to the other Martijn Trading companies. From St. Maarten there is an active trade with several neighboring islands including Saba and St. Eustatius.

The Martijn Group employs over 110 dedicated and loyal team members and it is our mission to be a:
  • -Trustworthy and mutually beneficial business partner; 
  • -Responsible member of our local community;
  • -Fair and supportive employer.


Founded by two brothers in 1945 as E & G Martijn (Aruba) N.V., the company developed its business in a wide field of activities, as was common for a general trading company in those days. The activities covered import and distribution of foods, construction materials, tires, copper, ropes as well as travel and shipping agencies, insurance brokerage and stevedoring activities.

In 1986, the company was sold to Hagemeyer N.V., based in the Netherlands, which gradually restructured the company by divesting most non-distribution activities. Those years brought new focus and a strong management and reporting structure.

In early 1996 Ceteco N.V., also based in the Netherlands, acquired the shares of the company. Before the year-end of 1999 Martijn Trading Holding B.V., again a company based in the Netherlands, acquired the shares of the Martijn companies on the now former Netherlands Antilles and Aruba.